Pat Victorino

My earliest recollection of music is of my father playing the harmonica and ukulele. His younger brother performed professionally and had his own country band called the Triple Star Playboys. At an early age I started to collect records, and today I have an impressive country collection. I’ve always liked country music but had never dreamed of being a disc jockey.

In 1979 a full-time country music station on Oʻahu changed its format. Fortunately, a short time later a local disc jockey started a country show. I contacted him and offered him the use of my record collection. I remember telling him that I had no reservations about helping him on his show but there was no way he could convince me to go on the air. However, he had other plans for me and with his encouragement I started going on the air. Soon he was spending less time on the show and in a matter of months I was hosting the show and the rest is history.

I do have a few hobbies which include fishing, swimming, walking and televised sports. I’m a big Dallas Cowboys fan. Due to long hours at my other job at PS&D NAPA and my radio shows, I find that time is scarce, but I try to walk in areas surrounding my Wailua Houselots home.

My biggest hobby is the “Pat Victorino Country Show” heard from 1pm-6pm every Wednesday and Saturday on 104.5FM/570AM Kauai’s Country along with the “Country Classics” show on the first Sunday of every month and the “Golden Oldies” show on the 4th Sunday of every month.

I could not imagine living without country music.

Country Show: Wed & Sat | 1-6pm

Country Classics: 1st Sundays | 1-6pm

Golden Oldies: 4th Sundays | 1-6pm